How to do Gel Nails (DIY Gel Nails At Home) it has been awhile since I posted any projects and this one is going to be a bit different! I decided since there are only so many home projects I can do in one house, I was going to start posting about any little DIY project that I do because…why not!? I created aContinue reading “How to do Gel Nails (DIY Gel Nails At Home)”

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets| DIY for under $150!

Well, before I started this project I read a bunch of blogs and watched a bunch of videos on how to paint cabinets on your own. Everyone had slightly different ways of doing this project so I am going to share the steps I took and add my thoughts and suggestions along the way. HereContinue reading “How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets| DIY for under $150!”

Easy D.I.Y. Raised Flowerbed

Estimated Hours: 4 | Estimated Cost: $200 SuppliesĀ Used: Protective Eye wear, Chisel, Hammer, Liquid Nails, Caulking Gun, Shovel, Flowers, Dirt, and the Pavers of course. Alright, this budget may seem a little pricey but it would have been way more if I did not use the Lowe’s Coupon I received in the mail which broughtContinue reading “Easy D.I.Y. Raised Flowerbed”