Easy DIY for Extra Hangers

Not much to this post but I thought I’d share anyways!

If you are like me you hate having empty hangers lingering on your closet rod sometimes hidden in between clothes! For the longest time I was keeping my extra hangers in a large drawer because I couldn’t seem to find a better home for them. I ended up needing that extra drawer so I started brainstorming on where the hangers could be stored.

Our house is tight for storage but as I was looking around I found an empty narrow space that could be used. This space in particular was above a shelf in my closet. I immediately thought to use Tension Rods!

If you have a similar space follow the simple steps below:


Step 1: Find an open space where the hangers could be stored



Step 2. Measure the space!


Step 3: Look online or in stores

Before you purchase the rods be sure to measure the space you are planning to hang the rods to ensure the best fit! I like these rods because the are adjustable by just twisting. You don’t have to use Amazon for your purchase…I am just a fan of Amazon Prime…not having to wait in line and in 2 days what I want is at my door! 🙂

 Click Here for the link to the Tension Rods


Step 4: Hang the Rods & Extra Hangers!


That’s it guys! Use your imagination with the tension rods. In the link I provided the photos the seller has posted shows how you can use the rods to hold shoes, wrapping paper,  spray bottles under a sink, etc. Go organize!


A project thought of, is another project to be conquered!

Mary | Mary’s D.I.Y.

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