Easy D.I.Y. Small Pond

Estimated Hours: 4 | Estimated Cost: $40

Supplies used:

Pond Liner, Shovel, Level, 2×4 piece of wood, Water.

I don’t know about you, but I love ponds! Before I started this project my yard was already under construction, but I had planned on putting a small pond in my front yard. For those of you who are thinking about putting your own small pond in, all I have to say for advice is to have fun, because it is an easy DIY project that takes very little time!

1. First thing is first, map out your landscaping to decide on the location that your pond will be. Please remember to choose a flat or somewhat elevated part of your yard so that heavy rainfall will not effect the beauty of your work by drowning it out. After finding the right spot, decide what size pond you will be using. I would shop around your local home and garden stores to see if any pond liners in particular would be the right fit for your project. I found my liner at Home Depot.

pond liner35 Gallon Pond Liner – $40

The photo above shows the liner I chose…now the fun part starts!

2. Dig! I flipped the pond liner upside down where I wanted my pond to be (since mine is round I was able to do this), I twisted it back and forth a little to make the mark of where I needed to dig. I dug straight down about 2 feet and a couple inches out from the actual mark I made. (Depending on the shape and size of your pond liner you will have to use your best judgement about the shape and size of the hole you are going to dig.) No matter what, make sure the bottom of the hole is level, that is where the 2×4 and the carpenters level come in handy. Put the liner in the hole, place the 2×4 across the top of the pond, then place the carpenters level atop the 2×4 to make sure it is not the slightest bit uneven. Once you find the pond liner is level, use the loose dirt you had dug up to fill in the empty space around the liner until it is secure and unable to wobble or move.

3. Fill’er Up. Get the hose and start filling the pond with water. While you are waiting for the pond to fill up, it is a good time to clean up your work area or go get a glass of water.


4. Finish the look. What do you want to put around your pond? Use your imagination. I did not have access to rocks or pretty stones to layer around the outer edge of my pond so I ended up using some extra quick set cement to free form rocks that fit my pond perfectly.


I love getting to see my small pond each day I leave or walk into my home. I hope the visitors I get enjoy the view just as much as I do 🙂


A project thought of, is another project to be conquered!

Mary | Mary’s D.I.Y.

9 thoughts on “Easy D.I.Y. Small Pond

  1. Awesome presentation and the idea about the rocks is really thinking out of the box! Great work and thank you for sharing your DIY pond.


    1. That is a beautiful pond you have created. I have the same one but want to put it on my patio. Did you put any rocks in the bottom or fish?


      1. Thank you Sandra! No fish or rocks, but I do have solar lily pad fountain now, I love the sound 🙂 Adding this pond to your porch is a great idea, I hope you enjoy it!


  2. Love the idea of using concrete around the edges instead of rock… should keep it more than secure. Can you tell me how you created the rocks? I fancied doing something similar but with a completely flat, single piece of concrete instead.


    1. Thank you! I used Quikrete since it’s fast drying and easy to mold (also inexpensive) I mixed the amount I thought I’d need and didn’t make it too watery so it didn’t move after I had the shape I wanted. I used my hands to create the free form shape!


  3. Mary, first of all you go girl! I’m very impressed with all of your creativity and having the vision to see all of the things that you’ve posted. It’s great that your taking the time to post and help others to see what a little thinking out of the box can turn into. I’m very proud of you and look forward to seeing what future project you think of and share with all of us! As always, Love you past the moon and stars!! Your loving father xo.


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