Easy D.I.Y. Raised Flowerbed

Estimated Hours: 4 | Estimated Cost: $200

Supplies Used:

Protective Eye wear, Chisel, Hammer, Liquid Nails, Caulking Gun, Shovel, Flowers, Dirt, and the Pavers of course.

Alright, this budget may seem a little pricey but it would have been way more if I did not use the Lowe’s Coupon I received in the mail which brought the cost down below $200! This project was relatively easy. I think the hardest part was finding a friend who was willing to help me haul the paver stones home from Lowe’s, everything else was a breeze. Keep in mind you could always rent a pick-up truck from Home Depot, Lowe’s, or U-haul Etc.

I started this project by spray painting the line on the ground where the wall of the flowerbed was going to be. Once my line was down I started digging! I made the depth of the hole about 3/4 the height of one paver so the base would be sturdy. After the prepping was finished all I had to do was start stacking.

I placed the first layer of pavers down then applied the Liquid Nails to the top of the stones in a wavy/zig-zag line. Once that was complete I staggered the joints on the second layer of pavers, and so on, until the wall was the height I wanted it to be. Meaning, if you did not already know, the center of the paver being laid down needs to be in the center of the crack (joint) of the two pavers from the layer below. Confused? Take a look at the photo! 🙂 Stacking the stones this way creates the perfect support for the wall.


As you have seen in the photo above I left the ends out on purpose so I could measure the pavers perfectly instead of messing up pre-cutting all of the ends. I do not have a stone saw so I used the super old-school way of doing things. The Hammer and Chisel Method. This was my first time cutting stones like this but I have to say I actually had fun doing it! So, if it was not already clear, I measured the gap between the wall and the paver on the second layer, cut the paver, put liquid nails down, then stacked the cut paver…I kept doing this until I got to the top.


This was the only chisel I had at home. You could definitely use a wider one!


After the wall was complete I finished by filling the flowerbed with dirt the rest of the way to the top. As I mentioned in my last post about the cement walkway, I used the dirt I dug up from that project to start the fill for my raised flowerbed. If you do not have dirt already available you can easily buy bagged dirt from a garden center at Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walmart or Target. I had even more extra dirt from digging the hole for my little pond which you will see in my next post. 🙂 I would love for you to follow my blog, if you haven’t already, to see my future posts. Also, please share with any friends you think may be interested.

I stared out with the plants you see below but ended up eventually changing them out to pretty flowers with a lot more color. (Mulch was not added yet when I took this photo)



I hope this raised flowerbed I made gives you some creative ideas for filling in those awkward spaces in your yard. Oh, P.S. I rarely get any weeds in this flowerbed, to me, that is definitely an additional benefit to a project like this!

A project thought of, is another project to be conquered!

Mary | Mary’s D.I.Y.

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