Easy D.I.Y. Cement Walkway!

Estimated Hours: 8 | Estimated Cost: $50

Hey guys! This is my first time blogging, so I figured what better thing to blog about than my many projects around the house. One of the first projects I started when I bought my first home was this (little) walkway in my (little) front yard. I didn’t have much space to work with so I just sat down one day and threw together a rough sketch of what was to fill the ugly, boring, non-welcoming wannabe yard! Here is that eyesore…


Clearly, I was not going to be OK with that so I got the spray paint out to outline!

ResizedImage_1423101978042 ResizedImage_1423102030683

My next step was to dig out and level the walkway path…

ResizedImage_1423101979265 ResizedImage_1423102032518

I made sure the mold I chose fit the space, and checked to see if it was actually level… all of my supplies were very inexpensive too. I used Quikrete (about $4/50lb bag) it sets pretty quickly which is perfect for the mold (about $15).

ResizedImage_1423101979916 ResizedImage_1423102033032

I poured the Quikrete into the cement mixing container ($6) and started to add a small amount of water.

*Mix as you add the water, making sure not to use too much. You want the cement not too watery and not too dry…you will know when it is the perfect consistency!

The instructions on the mold were…

1. Fill (Fill the mold with cement using a shovel)

2. Smooth (Smooth the cement over the top of the mold being sure it is all filled in)

3. Remove (Remove the mold right away, if your cement is too watery I would wait a minute or two.That’s why it is important to make sure it is not too watery)

4. Rotate and Repeat (Rotate the mold so the pattern looks random. Repeat with the Fill, Smooth, and Remove)


I love this pattern. There are different patterns you can choose from, but this particular look was just what I was looking for!

I would love for you to follow my blog, if you haven’t already, to see my future posts. One of my forthcoming posts will be explaining how I used the dirt I dug up from this project to fill the raised flower bed I made from using pavers. I cannot wait to show you guys everything I have done to make my little yard a cozy and happy space!

A project thought of, is another project to be conquered!

Mary | Mary’s D.I.Y.

4 thoughts on “Easy D.I.Y. Cement Walkway!

  1. I can’t wait to use this idea for my back yard patio, and what a great idea to use the extra dirt for a raised garden!!! I’m planning to make the raised beds as a edge for the patio. Keep the creativity coming!!!


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